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One freezing winter day, the inventor of the Thermo Square was indoors but he still felt cold.
If he turned up the central heating system, the air indoors would be extremely dry. If he turned on the floor heating system, the temperature would rise very slowly and the electric power consumption would be excessive. The thought occurred to him, that why heat up areas under the sofa, along the edges of the wall or other places where people hardly ever set foot. It’s certainly a big waste to heat all areas of the indoor living space equally.
Why not have something that could easily bring extra heat to the place the person most needs it. Something like a foot pad, where several pads could be fit together to cover an area along the sofa, by a table, or along the side of a bed. The person would be warm while at the same time save the cost of excessive energy.
For this to happen, all four sides of each heating units had to be attachable to any side of the other units.
This is how Thermo Square came into being.
Patent Registration Number: JAPAN 3167140. TAIWAN M411190. KOREA 20-0467325. CHINA ZL 2010 2 0693055.2. USA 9084302